perrie does get more noticed then they other girls and i do think it’s because she is the white girl in the group and not only that she is “engaged” to someone in 1D. but that’s probably why they haven’t been getting noticed that much, they only focus on one person in the group, there’s no equality in this group at all. but i only think perrie is the popular one because of her relationship, but jade is the most liked one, and that’s a big difference.


Personally, if I was a mixer, I wouldn’t be a zerrie shipper either because zerrie takes away attention from the other girls. Like in the one interview where Perrie wasn’t there, zerrie was still talked about, and idk I think Jade, Leigh, and Jesy girls will relate to this post because their faves aren’t getting the attention they need

Anonymous asked:
You can't say 5H are better than LM, 1. Little Mix won X Factor, 5H did not and 2. Comparing their performances on X Factor, when 5H performed Me & My Girls it was all playback, they cannot harmonise, where as LM performance when they performed Move was actually really good, And 3. At least LM are original, 5H are trying to copy the "independent women" that Destiny's Child started, they copied this in BO$$, 5H lack originality.


  1. Little Mix won the X factor, alright, name one artist that after winning the xfactor was relevant and  who else was against LM in that season? any good singer? no, the x factor that year sucked and this is why Simon didn’t want to sign Little Mix when they won. Also, yes Fifth Harmony didn’t won, but they had really good competition, and you know who else didn’t won the X Factor and guess what, their career kills Little Mix’s? One fucking Direction so don’t give me the argument that because they won the x factor they’re good.
  2. It wasn’t all playback, the playback was at the chorus because the part of the song has autotune, LM’s move in the X Factor had to have the playback in the whole song, Perrie’s high note was horrible, Jesy sang tired, Leigh anne thinks she sings actually well and Jade can’t hit a note right, besides, they need dancers as support which to me, is really pathetic.
  3. Little Mix aren’t original, Bootylicious’ video by the Destiny’s Child is literally copied by LM in How You doin’ and so the whole Salute album, they copied De La Soul, they copied Beyoncé in move even the same dance move she does, and what about Salute? is a copy of Run The World by Beyoncé. Darling…Independent Woman is a COVER Fifth Harmony did…

God I just destroyed all you said, who asked this? a kid? how old was you? 1?

When you start using that brain that you apparently have in your head, come and talk to me.


Anonymous asked:
i actually disagree with you. Zerrie is not that public as you make it to be. lol


Oh really? 


Cos being in your boyfriend’s house and getting papped is totally normal. Zayn are you looking somewhere? He’s looking straight to the direction of the photographer.


This Is Us Premiere. Perfect event for Perrie to show off her ring. So many paparazzi ready to take shots of her and Zayn. Gotta put up a show.


The all so infamous ring!


The period of time when Perrie was dressing up as the girl in Zayn’s tattoo, so people would think it is her.



MSG New York




LMAOO Zerrie Photoshoot in Disneyland


There was a whole crew making sure the picture is PERRRFFFF


And let’s not forget Perrie’s birthday when a whole camera crew was there.



Does anything screams publicity more than this? 



zayn could crop his pics good can he crop perrie out of his life next


Where is Perrie to defend her fiance from all the death threats about the Palestine tweet? Where was Perrie to defend her fiance when he upset over being called a terrorist? Guess she still thinks he’s Indian and thinks he’s not a terrorist but a tech support guy.

Anonymous asked:
do you think the way perrie acts around zayn and when his name is mentioned the way she acts indirectly shows zerrie is fake??? uhm did that make sense


yeah sure definitely 

we all know how perrie always looks so happy when she’s around zayn, she’s starting at the cameras’ so doing it for the paparazzi 



i mean they’re kinda leaning away from eachother???? esp. perrie even tho she’s smiling like she’s found out a way to stay clean and not shower or something idk

this too,


the way she keeps on showing her ring to the world like “looooooooook at me notice me i’m zayn’s finance why don’t people notice me *sad face*”

also, whenever perrie talks about zayn there’s def. symptoms of lying behavior there:

How to Detect Lies

10 Ways to Catch a Liar

5 Ways to Spot a Liar

Provision of too much unnecessary information


like lmao why did we need to know that??? and why did she call him a “freak”??? i thought she loved him??? (well obviously perrie he would always be angry around you)

Changes in behavior/breathing rate changes


(what are they wearing…?)


(see how she’s covering her body parts and looking really closed off??? yeah)

What a lying person says doesn’t match their actions


she looks so sarcastic like she always does when she’s talking about zayn, anything regarding her engagement to zayn, their relationship

and her smile looks so insincere it’s really obvious she can’t fake smile at all


again the sarcasm is strong she keeps moving her head like she’s uncomfortable which can also be linked to the next point

this too,


and this,


how she keeps moving her head and face smiling and putting way too much fake enthusiasm into her words like chill 

A sense of uneasiness detected in the lying person

this is before zayn is mentioned:


and this after zayn is mentioned:


they all so uncomfortable but it’s perrie that looks the most uncomfortable i mean she avoids making eye contact which is a sure sign that someone is uneasy and lying



i haven’t got anything for this but the whole thing about her living with zayn and then not living with zayn and like???? okay

also, when she said that she talks to him/texts him like everyday and then said that they won’t text/call for a few days at a time???? okay perrie


did that answer your question?

*images/gifs not mine, credits to owners*

Anonymous asked:
So apparently they registered all of this song under Little Mix's name pbs(.)twimg(.)com/media/BtxDo-NIUAA3dR-(.)png Look how many could be about a not so good moment in a relationship. Interesting huh? Of course could be Jade and Jesy since they broke up their relationships but hm...


first see how the album is already done

now ohhh man is 10 songs all this songs are about something bad in a relationship maybe “fire in the sky” and “like a drum” that is not 


and for know who see those name is gonna be “oh this is about jade/jesy relationship”

but when the album are next to be released?

zerrie break up the album is all about why zerrie break up

is the everything or nothing to little mix 

is the change to finally they be big

or is the end of little mix

Anonymous asked:
U really believed that girl am confused ?!


if i believe ? hahahhahaha

oh man the all thing is just a bad fanfic 

I’ve read other stories of fans who had sex with zayn that gave better fanfic  than this

"I joked to Waliyha and said “am i girlfriend number 36?” she said “no Zayn hasn’t brought many girls back here” Which was a shock to me but it made me feel good,"

someone is watching too much romantic comedy

Everything Courtney Webb said about his house is true.”

ways to know someone is lying when she say that a person that was never on zayn’s house was right about zayn’s house

 “You expect me to believe you but you’ve lied to me this whole time about Perrie Edwards?” he texted me back saying “Me and Perrie was on a break.”

 now to those nonzerrie shippers that are buying this

she says that zerrie is real that zayn said “me and perrie was ona break”

When he knew i was upset about something that was to do with him he’d buy me something expensive, he bought me a pair of Christian Louboutin heels he also bought me a Louis Vuitton bag and expensive Jewellery he showered me with expensive gifts which made me feel special.

OMG how dumb is she?

this is zerrie narrative hahahahhahaha

i don’t know if this a attempt to a really bad and sap romantic movie script 

or is just a really bad fanfic