"Don’t stop until you’re satisfied. You want an explanation? Ask. You want to be successful? Work. Don’t settle for results you don’t want. Don’t stop until you’re satisfied."
(the best advice a teacher has ever given me)




HELLO MY LOVELY PEOPLE!! Someone sent me the link to this picture that is supposedly zayn and brooke kissing at the nightclub so I’m here to give my thoughts on it quickly.

1) I’ve seen pictures of Brooke and she’s not ugly and she’s also not that girl in the pictures. Her face structure is totally different. If you saw a picture of brooke and looked at this girl, it’s not hard to see that they are two different people. The girl on the right, I don’t think is brooke either. 

2) The picture on the right, supposedly shows zayn and brooke kissing. What happened to zayn’s sideburns? His shirt has a fade and this guys shirt looks lighter and has no fade whatsoever. 

3) Brooke claims she met zayn at a nightclub in 2013, but there pictures were taken in early 2012 late 2011 idek but I know for sure they weren’t taken last year in January. 

So that’s what I can conclude about the picture. I don’t believe brooke was telling the truth and this picture just proves she wasn’t. She deleted her blogs and from what I saw on her friends blog, she isn’t coming back either. I give her credit for being able to trick you guys into believing her with her story. 



Zerrie shipper: if zerrie is fake, I want a fake relationship too inserts picture of zayn carrying Perrie

Me: okay, if you want a relationship with zero chemistry and zero love, knock yourself out.

Anonymous asked:
May I ask what you meant when you said "I don’t think she’s good for him, that’s the bottom line here. He deserves the world, this relationship for me, if it’s real ( which i don’t believe but whatever) is about settling for Zayn, not for love" ?


So i’ve sat for this ask for a while, because I honestly don’t want to start drama and also seeing the majority for my followers are Ziam shippers, it would stir shit up I’m quite sure of it.

However I feel compelled to explain myself over this comment because it’s not right putting it out there without a proper explanation.

As I’ve said for a long time now, I’ve been here with Zayn/for Zayn/following/supporting/just being here for Zayn for the whole time One Direction has been a thing and once you study someone for this long, it’s hard to know where the reality line and what makes sense in your head is correct.

However factually speaking we know Zayn Malik as a young child barely had close friends, he was bullied over his skin colour and facial features because he simply doesn’t pass as white. Zayn was always kept at a distance, always the other and this isn’t me making shit up, he’s said this stuff progressively over the whole of the 4 years he’s been around. 

We know Zayn didn’t have any experiences with girls before he arrived at xfactor. We also know quite as a matter of fact that Geneva Lane was the first girl to ever give him the time of day and in consequence he lost his virginity to her however then he seemed to go on a spree of empty hook ups and just after Rebecca and Stephanie we started getting reports off fans that they indeed hooked up with the Zayn Malik.

Now I’m leaving everything Ziam out of this and just think about Zayn. He goes from this invisible ghost to someone who is adored/loved/gawked at popstar nearly over night. He goes from having nothing/living off little sweets and running around Bradford unwashed for days trying to act hard to fancy hotels and vip treatment everywhere.

Anyone, not just Zayn put in that situation would act the way he did. I believe Zerrie is fake, and nothing or nobody is going to change the fact that Perrie happened right when he was about to leave for America, about to conquer the world for a lack of a better word, about to achieve his dream, break records just having the chance to be better, achieve more.

So on one hand, Perrie didn’t fit into that puzzle but on the other, but and this is me talking hypothetically because no to me Zerrie isn’t real, but for one minute, if it were, I’d always just thought Perrie is his answer to stability. 

We know Zayn didn’t have that growing up, we know they barely had food in the fridge. We know his life and his families life is a complete 360 from what is was a couple of years ago. To me, his stability is his boys, is in Liam but if I had to stretch that out of course I can see it in a manner that Perrie is too. 

To me, Perrie is loud and everything a successful woman should be however her uneducated opinions, her culture misappropriation, sometimes her down right stupid comments it very quickly pushed me to believe Zayn, the boy reading Don Quixote at 16, the geeky intelligent hard working boy would ever fall for, or further more, ask to marry such a misinformed woman, just doesn’t agree with me.

I’m not saying Perrie is a bad person here, I’m saying there are better choices out there for him. So this ‘engagement’ for me if I were to think of Zerrie as real in any way shape or form, I would have put it down to Zayn’s need to feel secure, to have have someone that is there for him not because he’s so deeply in love with her that he can’t see his life without her, but more rather that need to feel needed/wanted/loved.


I’ll say again, I don’t think Zerrie is real, because if is it, It would mean I’ve been reading Zayn wrong for all these years and he is actually this cheater badboy always high on weed distorted image they’ve created for him, and I’m firmly aware there is a tattoo across his entire bicep that depicts, or rather tries to depicts ‘his missus’ but it’s still one of the many insignificant things when you see the picture as a whole.


Remember single zayn? Mmmmhhmm the thought of single zayn is what gets me through rough days


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Perrie’s personality is the one thing that makes her ugly.

The one thing that botox can’t cover up.